Welcome to my collection of board game illustrations. I'm Julien, a freelance Illustrator since 2011, based in Germany, I've created artworks for a wide range of companies, agencies and publishers, including Boston Consulting Group, Schwarz Group, Vorwerk, Helvetiq, and Siemens, among others. 
However, I'm specialized in illustrating board games.
For every project I undertake, my core belief is that art transcends mere visual appeal—it should act as a narrative force, captivating players and enhancing the game’s thematic depth with my modern, minimalistic style. My approach is focused on understanding and integrating the game’s mechanics with its visual narrative, ensuring that each illustration not only enriches player immersion but also complements the gameplay. I work closely with board game publishers to transform concepts into tangible experiences, delivering art that stands out aesthetically and supports, as well as elevates, the game’s strategic elements.
Feel free to explore my portfolio or contact me—also available through social media.
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Julien Bigot
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